ever-gazing at the stars;

this is what we long to be,

but never truly are.

Words flowed onto the page like a river after the biggest rainstorm of the year. She couldn’t remember the last time it had been this easy for her to write, but she knew that she had missed it. She remembered him fondly, the way a flower remembers its first hummingbird, or an evergreen its first snowfall. Her heart and mind filled with all the memories of him until her hand couldn’t keep it in and funneled all her emotions through her favorite pen.

Where are you? She wrote. Where have you gone?

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I walk timidly. My unsure steps guide me only to face the point of no return. I stand, staring, before I decide to turn back. My tears flow like Niagra Falls as I realize what I have turned away from. But my steps are sure now. Strong. The path narrows before I can turn back. Without intent, I have not avoided the point of no return, but have rather found a different, more difficult one.

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I gave my heart some words of wisdom

Before it went away

And as it walked along the path,

I tried to call out, “Stay”

The word did not escape my lips,

So from me my heart went.

I hope someone returns it soon.

It wasn’t willingly sent.

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Words fall like pouring rain





          to my fingertips

but trying to catch these words

is like trying to pin a wave to the shore.


One would think all my tears about you had been shed.

One would be thoroughly mistaken.

So I’ll take my big dreams and my cozy sweater, and I’ll keep my heart safe in the knowledge that things will get better.

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On a brisk October evening, the sound of footsteps on the pavement is almost as chilling as the air. I am alone, though my ears tell me otherwise. As the footsteps grow louder and louder they gradually reach a climax and I am passed by a swift blur. I am alone once again — but not lonely. I find that my comfort lies beyond myself. My friends are the crickets, the leaves crunching under my feet, the last calls of the sun as it settles behind the horizon to rest. I am alone, but not lonely.

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Be happy you have a heart that feels and loves. I swear, some people don’t. And someday you’ll find a heart that feels and loves and beats for only you.

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This thing I feel is jealousy.

I cannot tell a lie.

My mind was once in pieces.

That I can’t deny.

I lost it when I lost my heart

All those years ago.

It sounds cliche, but here’s the truth:

My heart’s for you to hold.

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